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Our Story


Lindy Hop and the Swing Era have been a huge part of my life for well over a decade. I’ve been a swing dancer since 2006 and I love everything about it: the music, the fashion, the sheer joy and playful nature of the dance... I even co-owned and taught at Toronto’s largest swing dance school, Bees’ Knees Dance, for a couple years with an amazing group of people. That’s where my oldest daughter got her nickname, Baby Bee. She inspired me to make clothing for her because it felt like packing away outgrown clothing had become my JOB! I wanted to see her wear the clothes I’d taken the love and care to make for longer than just a month or two, so clothes that had grow with me features were a must! Baby Bee Clothing was named after my daughter's swing dance inspired nickname, and the names of many of the pieces I make have a little bit of swing era inspiration in them too!

When I started Baby Bee Clothing, I felt the same way as I felt about my own daughter's clothes. If someone falls in love with one of my creations, I want them to be able to wear it more than just a few times! So, I started creating seasonal collections of grow with me clothing for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, using the best quality fabrics in fun and fabulous, often limited edition prints exclusively from small Canadian suppliers.

I love making beautiful, playful, and practical pieces for your little ones, and I like to think I put a little swing dance into every stitch. 

 The Baby Bee Family