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Answers to your most frequently asked questions


Grow With Me Apparel? How does it work?

Our Grow With Me clothing fits your child for much longer than conventional clothing. They're a little roomier, a little stretchier, and they're adjustable for a custom fit as your child grows. Adjust the fit by rolling up/down the cuffs, rolling up/down the waistband, adjusting the snap position, or cinching the waist with the hidden drawstrings inside. Customize the fit so your baby or child can wear it for many months or even years!

What sizes do you make?

Our Grow With Me clothing comes in three sizes: 3-12 months, 12 months-3T, and 3T-6.

How should I wash and dry the clothing? 

To get the most life out of your clothing we recommend washing in cold water and hanging to dry, but hey, we get it; we're parents too and most of our kids' stuff ends up in the dryer. If that's more realistic for you be sure to dry on low heat. Since dryers are often the culprit when it comes to fading colours, if there's a piece you absolutely love, consider hanging it to dry.

Do Grow With Me clothes make good gifts?

Absolutely! Grow With Me Clothing makes a wonderful, unique gift because it lasts for so much longer than a conventionally sized outfit would!

Where do you get your fabrics?

Most of our fabrics are limited edition custom prints, and ALL of our fabrics come from Canadian small businesses because we believe in shopping small and supporting fellow Canadian entrepreneurs.

Do you do custom orders?

We do a limited number of custom orders. Contact us to discuss what you're looking for!

What's your turnaround time?

Typically we can get your order done and either shipped or dropped off at the Maker's Hub within three weeks. Busier times may mean longer turnaround times, but if you have a time constraint please contact us and we'll see if we can work with you to meet your deadline.